Where is the best bike shop?

Well for me it has to be Nirvana Cycles in Westcott near Dorking. Obviously I understand very few...if any riders from my area will read this but who cares. They have the best mechanics in the area, an obvious fact when you see how fast they fix things that other shops can't. The people who work there are very nice people unlike those at a few of the local shops. The best part is that if you were to spend £10 they will give you £1 off next time, which sounds OK but then you realise if you spend £2000 on a bike they will give you £200 of free stuff or swap that value better parts onto the bike. Most bike shops wont do that even if the stuff they are swapping is the same price. In short a really great shop that sells Lapierre, Giant, Titus and Turner.

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