According to Wade Simmons ramblings Rocky Mountain bikes will be bringing out a new 5in bike for 09? According to rumours it will be in between the Element and Slayer and the ETSX will go for 09, it will be along the curvy lines of the 08 Giant Reign and will have a less distinctive ETSX suspension system than the actual ETSX. Wade said something along the lines of it will be super light which may have lead to Mbr magazine saying it may be full carbon, anyhow Rocky’s new site will supposedly be up on the 1st of May so that should be interesting and may have clues on it.
Meanwhile I continue trying to get a new bike that is more reliable than the Stumpy, the quest is going badly if you are interested, all my attempts to get a Cannondale Rize have fucked up so I may be forced to look else where, but I won’t say what cos that seems to jinx it.

And here is a nice Pivot Mach 5 (no I’m not getting one) from the Sea Otter that caught my attention for being perfect:

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