Trance and the mill pond

Took a few pics of my new Trance 1 when I stopped off for a break at a mill pond, more importantly I had my dads new camera with me which like my fleet of many bikes will join his fleet of many bikes and many cameras including a Sony T200, Pentax K10d and his recent failure of a Cannon 450d which was nothing short of appalling so he took that back and swapped it for a Olympus E-420 with 10.0 mega pixels, which is the smallest DSLR in the world apparently and in bike terms is a single speed because it has a fixed 25mm lens which allows it to take very good pics at one set distance rather than good pics at different lengths. Anyhow, this means you end up moving around more to get the picture perfect and unlike other cameras they actually come out almost perfect so all in all it is a very good camera because it takes such good pics and is so compact.

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