Lapierre 2009

My LBS where I got my little collection of Giant’s is one of the first UK dealers of Lapierre since they started selling here last year. They’re easily one of my favourite bike manufacturers at the moment. The Zesty seen on my Flickr photos is selling very fast, 5 per week last time I asked at my dealer. For 2009 they have a new 7in FR bike called the Froggy which sits in between the Spicy and DH 920, naturally it is available in green. More along my lines of interest is the Zesty which will be available with a carbon swingarm for 2009. Both bikes use the OST suspension system, which is a combination of a Horst Link with Santa Cruz’s counter rotating upper link which explains why it isn't available in the US, this results in a floating pivot system that is both plush, responsive and pedals well. It is easily the most all mountain of the 140mm travel bikes I have ridden with slack angles, high BB and a light yet stiff frame. The Zesty 914 (seen bellow) only weighs a mere 24.4lbs. Hopefully my LBS will get one in for 09 so I can go have a look. See for more.

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