Internalisation of my bike

Yes you heard me correctly, if my evil schemes come to fruition the gearing systems of my Giant Trance will be completely internal by the 12th September (yes there is a reason for that date). All I need is a Surly Singleator, a lovely Shimano Alfine 8 speed rear hub which is generally found on city bikes but has been certified for XC riding and has even been used on DH bikes to be built into a Mavic 321 rim with a few other little bits like spokes and a Center Lock disc adaptor. It’s about 200g lighter than a Rohloff and 200g heavier than a full Shimano XT setup so not at all bad for a hub that costs 5 times less than the Rohloff. It works out more or less equal to running a 11-34 cassette depending on how you set it up and is supposed to be extremely reliable. This is all depending on if I can get a hold of one of these which are selling out faster than Shimano can produce them but I’ll keep the blog updated with the progress.


beakeronabike said...

Awesome, would this be compatible with the internal gearing from Truvativ you mention in an earlier post? I guess you need the right frame for those mounts. I've been wishing for a rohloff but the price has been a hinderance. Will be great to see how you go with a fully internal bike. What a bonus for cleaning!

LordOnOne said...

Yeah the Alfine and Truvativ HammerSchmidt would definitely be compatible as they are both internal and independent of each other. I’m still waiting to hear if the Truvativ cranks will fit my bike, hopefully I’ll find out after the press launch which I think is this weekend at Crankworx but it would be a real bonus for the muddy riding where I live.