Someone asked me what foam grips I prefer this morning so here’s my thoughts on Ritchey WCS vs. Bontrager Race X Lite.
- Slide on easily with hot water
- 28grams
- Tougher bar end plugs
- Last for around 6months
- Stay put on the bars so long as you buy the larger diameter version
- Feel smoother and seem to be slightly denser
- Are very hard to get on the bars so will need soap or hairspray
- 34grams
- Bar end plugs are easily scuffed and broken
- Last for 3-4months
- Stay put with a death grip on the bars
- Adsorb more trail vibrations and feel spongier
- Cost a few quid more here

Ritchey WCS

Bontrager Race X Lite

New Locking Ergo version that I'd like to try...

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