Christmas goods

In the bicycle department I received a lovely new front wheel and a nice set of flat pedals. As previously mentioned the front wheel on my Trance wasn’t performing its duties to an acceptable standard so I built up a new one. Yep, Simon from Nirvana Cycles taught me how to build a wheel, it’s surprisingly easy actually but then Simon did do most of the truing for me to get it 100%, then it was whisked out of my sight so I could practice putting on an authentic look of surprise for when I unwrapped it! Hope ProII hub and Mavic 321 rim, solid and reliable…

I also received a set of Kona Wah Wah flat pedals to take the place of the Shimano DX’s that were previously on my Trance. The DX’s are amazing but I wanted something better than amazing, the Wah Wah’s are thinner, lighter and the pins are taller giving better grip. So far they feel great and have a decently smooth and hopefully well sealed bearing and bushing combo in the axle.

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