Christmas is coming…

The decorations are up, my Christmas shopping is pretty much done, the tree is in the stupidest place possible (in front of the airing cupboard housing the boiler) and right on schedule the oven breaks down, hopefully a new one will be in position in time to be loaded up with Christmas dinner!

Last Sunday’s ride was pretty good. It rained right through from Friday to late Saturday night so there was some flooding. The river Arun is close by so I thought I’d take a ride through the fields alongside it in the afternoon when the floods had gone down a bit, the problem was that they hadn’t gone down enough and they’d taken an important section of my ride away with them. It was great riding through ankle deep water but a bridge used by farmers to get their tractors across had been washed away so I had to turn back and find another route. By the end of my ride I’d passed a fallen tree, two lanes that really looked like another rainfall would finish them off and others with banks of mud and debris piled up all along them by the rain water. Bring back the dust!

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