Fleet cull

Every so often the time is right to make space for new stuff. That time is now, although I’m not too sure what the new stuff will be yet. The lucky participants in this cull will be the 2008 Giant Trance X2 and 2008 Giant Trance 1. The Trance X2 will be sold exactly as it’s seen below, everything is working perfectly and looks great. This is my dads bike but he hasn't had the time to ride it much and the medium frame is too small for me so it hasn't been ridden a lot.

The Trance 1 is a size large and is mine so its had a bit more use, but still looks good and is in fine working order. It’s also 6months newer and the drivetrain, wheels and tires weren’t used through the winter. Look at this photo below and imagine the bike with a WTB Devo saddle and no pedals and you get the idea. I’ll sell the bike a bit cheaper if you want the wheels in the photo, otherwise it has the almost new Hope ProII wheels on there at the moment.

Questions about the bikes to me and questions about actually buying the bikes or trying them to Nirvana Cycles if anyone is interested.

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