The photos on Flickr and this blog

I had hoped I wouldn’t have to do this considering it’s only bike porn. However, some people seem to be misusing the photos so allow me to be clear:
- If you want to post my photos on other sites then please ask permission, let me know, or at least include a link back to Flickr or this blog.
- Do not use my photos to illustrate bikes or components you are selling on auction sites or classifieds. I have not and will not give permission for that, even if I know you own the bike or component photographed. If you see any of my photos being used for that purpose then I advise you to pass by that item and let me know, if possible. I have already been told about one and seen a couple more.

Otherwise, enjoy!


Anonymous said...


maybe you should watermark your photos.


LordOnOne said...

I’ve already started putting my name on the photos(see next post) but I won’t be putting a massive watermark across the photo like some people do on Flickr.

Neuništivlija said...

Well, if you don't mind, I used a photo from your blog. But the photo is also a link to your blog, so I hope that's fair.

LordOnOne said...

Yep, just how it should be.