2010 Gary Fisher Paragon

I looked at loads of bikes before buying this one, in the end it came down to what I could get now and at a reasonable price. Trek and Fisher seem be very quick with getting their new bikes out to the public this year. I won’t get a chance to properly ride it until tomorrow so I’ll just note a few things that don’t concern the ride today.

- I have the last 2010 19in Paragon in the country.
- The Fisher site says the Paragon is £1500, that price sounds like it should be right but the Paragon is actually selling for £1400 at the moment.
- Bontrager XDX tires are wider and higher volume than I would expect from a 2.1in.
- The colour scheme looks really nice.
- It will be interesting to see if the new Sram X.9 gears and Elixir 5 brakes can make any improvement on my last Sram/Avid experience.

- Some of the Bontrager bolts are soft and the wrong size.
- The welds aren’t amazingly neat.
- The front wheel isn’t dead straight.
- No through axle fork.

Things I will change:
- Ergon grips.
- My own pedals, just in time because the CB Candy pedals were already disintegrating before the bike was lifted out of the box.
- Wider bars, 640mm is way too narrow for me.
- My own Charge Spoon saddle.

The pics show it exactly as it comes, including unnecessary reflectors, stickers and other paraphernalia.


Paul Petch said...

Nice Ride :) I thought you were going to go for a 29er dually?

LordOnOne said...


I’d love a 29er dually but the ones I looked at were either crap or very close to being £1000 more than hardtails with exactly the same kit.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been thinking about this very bike as my first 29er. I how tall are you? I'm just under 6 foot and not sure weather to go for a medium or large.

LordOnOne said...

I’m around 6’4” and the 19in (Large) frame fits me fine, it does have a 105mm stem and 622mm top tube though. Actually sitting on the bike or trying it is always the best thing to do. The Medium Paragon has a pretty long 601.9mm top tube so I would recommend one of them. What size and model is you current bike?