Ergon slims down its packaging

What Ergon says:
The comparison to the old packaging is testament to the leap forward that has been made. 90% of the grips are now packed using 40% less packing material in volume, yet the function allowing potential users to ‘trial’ the grips prior to purchase has been retained. The former packaging used 3 different materials, making up a total of 8 components. Although these could all be recycled, sorting them to do so was time consuming. By contrast, the new packaging uses only paper, making up its four components. Recycling is therefore extremely easy. The packaging is also in the majority made of recycled paper, and the three dimensional paper form as the box itself represents a worldwide first in the packaging industry.

The result of this new packaging quest is so innovative that it has already won the coveted German DesignPlus packaging prize.

My thoughts:
Both of my bikes are now fitted with Ergon GP1 Leichtbau grips and I couldn’t be happier with them. In fact the only negative mentioned in the review was the rather excessive packaging. So when the new greener and slimmer packaging starts rolling off the production lines it will be a perfect product.

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Paul Petch said...

woot. seriously. this environmental bollocks is annoying. we are doomed! let's just except it!