One year on the Swift

I’ve been riding my Singular Swift for over a year now. Hopefully I’ll still be riding it after another year. Last week it received a spring cleaning, having not been properly clean since last year. Phil Wood’s excellent EBB has kept the chain tight since new but it finally got too long recently. This posed a bit of a problem for me, having several chain rivet extractors, all of which were bent or broken. So I picked up a Super B one, only £8 and very smooth to operate. First ride after the spring cleaning and chain shortening was a bit hard on the bike. It rained for the first time in ages so conditions were muddy, then near the end of the ride I pulled what appeared to be some kind of stone age implement out of the rear tire. This left the bike requiring another cleaning and maintenance session. Tuesday’s ride was much better though, I even found the wood near Barns Green had developed a carpet of Bluebells.

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