Fisher dreamed. Trek Unleashed.

For the 2011 model year Gary Fisher Bikes will become the Gary Fisher Collection under the Trek brand name. The subtle graphics and outline/shadow “Trek” name on the down tube give me the sense that Trek are trying to ease the transition. I’m sure the frames will be back to looking like one big ad all too soon though. At first glance the frames look relatively unchanged for next year but look a little closer and there are quite a few differences. For instance, the Paragon gains a tapered head tube/steerer, 100mm travel fork, press-fit BB, quite a few odd little geometry changes like longer chain stays and a 30spd drivetrain. Several models also benefit from new lower spec levels and WSD variants. The only new MTB model appears to be the Sawyer, a steel frame cruiser not only with sliding dropouts but a split dropout for the fitting of a belt drive. Judging by the response on forums this model is going to be the one everybody wants but nobody can get!


BreViVelo said...

" I think you got it right - the bike everyone wants but no one can get. no even listed on their australian site

LordOnOne said...

It has only recently been added to the UK site. Of course, a product being on a website still doesn’t mean it’ll be easy to get a hold of…as with so many products these days.