Michelin XCR Dry2 tires

These tires have been brilliant so far, as said previously something caused me to crash, it was either me and the bike going in different directions, the tires washing out or the steering tucking under but I won’t blame the tires unless it happens again and I know what caused it. The Trance 1 comes with Kenda Nevegal 2.1 stock tires, they’re a great all-round tire that is particularly good in terms of grip, but I wanted something faster, smoother and more of a summer tread which is where the Michelin’s come in, I had the shop swap them on as they are roughly the same price. As racing tires they are, well, very fast but they’re so smooth you don’t tend to notice how fast your going. I’ve done around 175 miles on them and they’re lasting very well with no punctures (touch wood) which I‘ll take as a good sign considering where I ride. In everything apart from very loose terrain they grip like Velcro, but when things get loose they do have a slight tendency to drift. They’re called Dry2 tires so I’ll leave out the poor mud performance. In short I love them for summer use and happily recommend them.
Puncture resistance:10/10

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