Maxxis Ignitor Exception 2.35 tires

These were on my 07 Stumpy until the bike became such a problem I had to get a whole new bike. The grip is very good, they never feel like they’re going to wash out, always hold a straight line and the sparse, deep knobs have a great ability to find something grip in clay mud which is one of the reasons I choose them and they take a lot of sticky mud to clog up but swiftly clear. They were fast tires when they were new but as seen in the pics the centre knobs tend to take a thrashing cos they’re so far apart which has taken some of the spring away which use to make them quite fast, so the life isn’t very good, even on the front and they’ve got slower with age. These are very loud tires, the hum is unbelievable and because of the sparse centre knobs they have a lot of vibration, particularly at low speeds on hard pack surfaces so much so it was hard to tell whether the XT hubs going or the tires vibrating, turned out to be both, there is also a strong ripping sound on road because the knobs are so flexy. They’re also pretty heavy tires which puts up the rotating mass and makes them a bit slower. Puncture resistance is excellent, I’ve done about 350 miles on them over the winter and had no punctures which is only fair seeing as how I managed to get one putting them on in the first place. Also worth a mention is that these tires are pretty low profile which helps mud clearance on the frame and also makes them very easy to get on and off. So I would recommend them as a front tire, but I’d definitely put something else on the back, possibly a Cross Mark 2.35 for dry use.
Puncture resistance:10/10
Life: 6/10

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