More fresh produce

I deal mainly with Rocky and Giant but I’m a sucker for everything new so I’ll be posting up anything I think is new and cool. The new Mavic Crossmax wheels which have been seen on various racers bikes in the last while with new carbon spokes which don’t sound like they will get to production and inter spoke milling to save weight on the rims which will get to the shops. More info can be found on Bikeradar and Dan Gerous's blog, or you can simply admire the new rims on the Rocky in my last post. Those links also apply to more info on Formula’s new R1 brakes for weight weenies. Edit: Bikeradar seems to have the info on production Mavic stuff for 09 which backs up the new Rocky as having the final production rims for 09 with inter spoke milling.
New Deemax which is 500g lighter:

New Crossmax with inter spoke milling:

I also had a GT until I managed to snap the seat mast so I’ll share my 09 findings on The 08 Force 1.0 was a beautiful bike and I’ve long been a fan of the I’drive suspension system so it was with dismay I saw they had lost the really nice blue of the Force 1.0 and in its place was yet another grey bike. Fortunately they also brought in 2 new carbon models of the Force so all is forgiven and a nice new 29er Zaskar, I’m beginning to think I need a 29er to smooth out the trails battered by horse riders.


Mark said...

Can you explain more the impact of Horses on the trail you are riding? I am building a multiuse trail in which bikes and horses are the primary users. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to improve the trail in order to make it more sustainable for horses yet keeping it fun for biking.

LordOnOne said...

Well unless I get in the car and drive somewhere, my local trails have clay soil. When it rains horses go up and down leaving hoof marks pretty deep into the mud. It’s bad enough riding over that with the mud slowly in winter but then it sets like concrete and basically shakes you and the bike up a lot, that’s why I wouldn’t mind getting a 29er to reduce it a bit. Building the trail somewhere with less of a clay soil would help and there’s some kind of surface made from a mixture of clay and sandstone which the local council has put on some of the worse bridleways which is very good but the easiest thing to do is make sure the rain has somewhere to drain off the trail quickly to like a slightly raised trail or drainage channels out to the side.