Ministry of information

Truvativ is currently developing a 2 speed crankset that will supposedly mean we need never have to see a front derailleur again. It will be available in either 12 or 14 tooth single front chain rings with a 2 speed trigger shifter operated gear system using either the Stylo or Hussefelt crank platforms with the old style Isis BB. Unfortunately it needs ISCG tabs for mounting which is probably where my plans will come unstuck. Of course I knew all that months ago, the news is that yesterday had an article about it with a photo which contained the blurred out setup, most unfortunately: A it appears blurring the photo wasn’t enough for Sram who had it removed and replaced with another article and redirected the link and B, the good news is I have retained the photo which is seen bellow however useless it may be.

Also the official web page for all this has 2 new videos at

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