CamelBak Better Bottle

Finally after too long riding with my old CamelBak the weather finally got too hot for a backpack so I ditched it for one of the bottle versions. It is available in various colours and in .5L(which is the size I got) .75L and 1Litre sizes. With the rubber Big Bite flip valve system all you need to do is bite and sip, then it reseals itself and the valve shuts. It also has a nice integrated handle which makes it easy to quickly remove from your bottle cage which it fits perfectly by the way. The cap is also interchangeable with most bottles. The only minor problem is dusting mud/dust off the mouth piece as it does catch a fair bit of dust. All in all this is a very handy bottle that is easy to clean and use while on the bike, is good value at only $11 and seems very well made although the bottle will get scratched in a bottle cage but that doesn't bother me much. So all I need now is a King titanium bottle cage to make my onboard beverage system perfect.

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