Syncros Fixed AM Flat Top handlebar review

Until a few years ago most flat bars only went up to around 640mm in width but now more and more component manufacturers are producing flat bars as wide as 780mm. This type of handlebar has been steadily gaining popularity over the last few years from riders who want wide bars and yet still have the benefits of a low cockpit height. Wide and flat bars go best with bikes that have a naturally high front end and need plenty of steering leverage like 29ers and DH rigs.

This particular bar was my third choice, took a month to get here and I ordered the white version, clearly the distributor decided I was getting black. I considered wider bars but having used this 690mm handlebar for a few months I think the width is perfect for my 29er. Anything 20+mm wider than this would start posing problems on the narrower parts of the local trails.
A flat bar lowers grip height by 20-40mm from most riser bars. By adjusting the angle of the bar there is enough back sweep to get a slight rise or drop depending on your preferred setup. I’ve angled the bars downward to give a slight up sweep. Many 29er riders use bars with massive amounts of back sweep but 10 degrees feels just right for the width.
Syncros has neatly marked the bars so getting the stem position perfect or cutting the bar is easy. It’s very hard to judge stiffness/compliance but there’s no noticeable flex or the harshness I’ve felt on some other bars. Initially I was a bit worried about the finish because there was a letter or two missing and after holding it my hands were covered in little black specks of paint. Since then the rest of the letters and paint has stayed put and seems more than tough enough. As far as aesthetics go, flat bars look much cleaner than riser bars. On the whole this handlebar performs very well for the price and the weight is reasonable.

Price: £39.99
Weight: 274g
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