Tuesday news and views

A 31.8mm Hope seat clamp finally turned up to replace the Bontrager one on my Paragon, the bolt was so crap I stripped it the first time I used it. Strangely the Hope seat clamp is much harder to fit even though it is only a fifth of a mm smaller than the one that was coming off. Next on my upgrade list is a lighter and longer armed crankset…

Apparently it’s Autumn but somehow the season seems more pleasant than last year, or perhaps the bad weather just hasn’t arrived yet. Bad weather is on the cards for tomorrow so I’m sure the trails will soon turn from dust to mud pie…and then onto resembling a WWII battlefield with the help of the local horse riders. Speaking of local horse riders, on yesterdays ride I wasn’t amused to see they had removed a perfectly good foot bridge and replaced it with a massive bridge specifically for horses. That would be fine if the horse traffic going over the new bridge hadn’t already made about 20m in either direction almost unrideable. I say “almost” because it’s just about possible going carefully in the granny gear with a 29er.

It was sunny and cold up Leith Hill on Sunday, just how I like it but now I’ve caught a cold.

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