Cube AMS Pro R1 Mag and Borders

First Cube arrives
Nirvana Cycles received their first Cube this week…much earlier than Janurary, which is when I heard they were coming. Opening the box revealed a £2249 18” AMS Pro R1 Mag in Sid Blue. For those that don’t know Cube’s range, the AMS Pro is their 100mm travel XC bike featuring FSP 4 Link suspension (very similar to what Specialized uses). The R1 Mag is the top aluminium model and weighs 24.2lbs. More photos here.

"The most attractive bike we've ever had in the shop" - Simon
3D Link
Rear pivot
DT Swiss XPW1600 wheelset

Bad news for magazine readers
The UK bookstore chain Borders was recently put into administration. Borders has been in the UK since 1997 and currently has 45 stores and 1150 staff here. What does this have to do with Mountain Biking? Well, Borders may be best known for books and CDs but they have an excellent magazine selection. Amongst this excellent magazine selection are several American MTB mags that either aren’t stocked anywhere else, don’t turn up regularly in other shops or need to be specially ordered/subscribed to. So an already abysmal range of mags in the shops here is about to get worse with the loss of titles like BIKE and Dirt Rag. Unless someone wants to buy Borders and keep it going which is sounding very unlikely right now.


Inchy said...

"The most attractive bike we've ever had in the shop"

Can't argue with that, it's gorgeous!
Does it taste nice?

LordOnOne said...

Does it taste nice? I shall have to find out…:)

Paul said...

Your site seems to never load images for me these days. Infact it has been like it for months.

As for the mags...i can ship them to you if you want :D

LordOnOne said...

Picasa takes ages to load and Flickr results in major layout problems. I’ll look into it…maybe try ImageShack.

I think you may have missed the point about the mags, thanks for the offer though!

LordOnOne said...

It seems Picasa is the only one that works for me.