2010 Cube Stereo RX

Earlier this month Nirvana Cycles took delivery of a 2010 Cube Stereo RX. Cube are a big brand in Europe and the Stereo is one of their most popular models. Costing a mere £2099, the RX offers outstanding value for money. This medium 18” Stereo is destined to be a test bike…I’ve been waiting years to take one of these for a spin. The rest of the photos can be found in this Flickr set, there’s a Cube Group too.

Cube employs a rather unique Dual Trail Control suspension system on the Sting, Stereo and Fritzz. The shock floats between the chainstay and rocker, compressing from both ends.

There’s no through axle up front but the rear end gets a Syntace X-12 for quick and simple wheel changing.

Sunringlé Ryde XMB DTC wheelset and Schwalbe Fat Albert 2.4in tires.


Inchy said...

CUBE probably make the best looking bikes on the planet right now, along with Lapierre.
My mate has a 2007 vintage Stereo and it's a lovely bike let down by a crap finish. The paint has worn through to the metal all over the place leaving it looking decidedly second hand. Damn fine do-it-all bike though.

LordOnOne said...

Some of the older colour schemes look great…such a shame when the finish doesn’t last. There’s a copper anodized 08 AMS 125 that I really like!

n'Ice Cube said...

I'm itching to get my hands on a cube sting. They look so good and is the perfect 120mm travel bike. I just wonder if or where a demo bike will be available. has anyone tried these out that can give some feedback? I can't find a review/test anywhere on the web.


LordOnOne said...

The Sting is carbon so it’s a bit expensive for dealers to have them as test bikes or sitting on shop floors until they sell. I haven’t seen a Sting review either…or tried one. I suggest you phone your nearest Cube dealer/s to see if they can help. The Sting should be pretty similar to the Stereo, just lighter and faster with steeper angles and a bit less travel.

n'Ice Cube said...

Thx LO. Maybe I'll head down to Nirvana cycles next month and see if they have any. Do you know any other cube dealers near or in London?

LordOnOne said...

Nirvana Cycles is getting in the AMS 100, Stereo and Fritzz, with test bikes for the latter two. They won’t have the Sting for the reasons I mentioned, but can easily get one in.

Just type London into the dealer search:

n'Ice Cube said...

Just read an interesting review on web-based mag IMB on the cube stereo and though to share the link if someone is interested. Cool mag by the way.


LordOnOne said...

Thanks, I missed that the first time I went though the mag.