Kona Wah Wah flat pedal review

Kona pedals aren’t usually anything worth looking at but the Wah Wah’s are different. Firstly, they’re only 17mm thick, which is thinner than most of the flat pedals out there at the moment. Secondly, they weigh in at a respectable 478g...lighter than either of the pedals I had previously, Shimano DX and DMR V12. Thirdly and very importantly they spin on a cartridge bearing and DU bushing combination which is a significant improvement over the loose ball bearings found in other Kona pedals. Atomlab makes some nearly identical pedals so you know these are ging to be good. There are 10 long back loading pins per side giving excellent grip and so far remaining tight. Finish toughness seems very good and the paint doesn’t chip like it did on my DMR V12’s. Out on the trail these pedals feel solid and smooth. The profile and shape is just right, being somewhat bigger than many other pedals they will suit people with bigger feet (like me). Even these 17mm thick pedals have a reasonable dip in the middle for my foot to sit in which is a problem with some other flats, Crank Brothers for instance. The pins rust pretty quickly but that doesn't seem to cause a problem and so far the bearing and bushing combo is proving very reliable. These are my favourite flat pedals to date!

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